Biswa Bhromon

The Colossal Konkan

An aesthetic experience of a dedicated plantation area in the Dudhsagar region of Goa. 

On the outskirts of Goa’s Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, our plantation is a 50-acre piece of heaven. In this tropical greenery-filled haven for nature lovers, you can wake up to the sound of birds (and the occasional mooing cow). There is a nature trail on the property, a special natural water pool to cool off in, and interesting walks nearby. 

A great place to start your exploration of the Dudhsagar Region is the plantation. In order to make your stay memorable, we have put together an inspiring itinerary for you. We are also happy to offer you additional advice at any time.

In five days, you'll discover Goa's alternate side.

Explore Dudhsagar Falls, Tambdi Falls, Goa’s oldest temple, a hidden waterfall, and the Cashew Liquor Heritage Distillery while relaxing in a secure and natural setting.

Additionally, there are mansions from the Portuguese era, a prehistoric rock carving site, the Salaulim Dam and Botanical Garden, and John Distilleries (Whisky Brewery)


  • Enjoy home-cooked Goan cuisine while staying on an organic plantation.
  • From Dudhsagar Waterfall to Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Explore the historic Mahaveer Temple at Tambdi Surla, hike to Tambdi Falls, and stroll along the plantation’s nature trail.
  • Discover natural farming at the nearby Heritage Distillery.
  • In the rainy season, go on a hike to a hidden waterfall, go swimming and fish-spa-ing in a stream, and go on neighbourhood hikes in the nearby forests
  • Swim in the nearby river during the summer and go hiking through nearby fields, villages, and scenic rivers

Further Day(s)

  • Take a trip to Savari Waterfall and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Visit the ancient rock carvings in Rivona.
  • Check out Salaulim Dam and Botanical Garden.
  • See a heritage mansion from the Portuguese era
  • The Visitor Centre at John Distilleries
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